Monopoly - Rolling Stones Collectors Edition (USA)

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Exklusives Monopoly Spiel mit Motiven der legendären Rock-Band Rolling Stones in Englisch.
Achtung: alle Texte und Anleitungen sind in Englisch.

The worlds longest running rock-n-roll band teams up with the worlds most popular board game to bring you the ultimate Rolling Stones experience.

The Rolling Stones Collectors Edition of MONOPOLY celebrates some of the greatest rock-n-roll music of the 20th century and beyond.

This completely customized game features the bands albums including Sticky Fingers, Exile On Main Street, Voodoo Lounge and more, allowing fans to build their own Rolling Stones music collection.

Game includes six collectible tokens that symbolize unforgettable songs:
Dice (Tumbling Dice), Horses (Wild Horses), Cloud (Get Off Of My Cloud), Thumb (Under My Thumb), Devil Horns (Sympathy For The Devil) and Sugar Cubes (Brown Sugar).

Hang Fire! 200 million albums sold worldwide. Guitar Licks und Song lyrics replace classic Community Chest und Chance Cards.

Traditional Houses und Hotels are renamed Gold und Platinum records. Custom game board features the best of The Rolling Stones with iconic albums including Exile On Main Street.

6 collectible Rolling Stones-themed tokens.

Altersempfehlung: 8+
Achtung: Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 36 Monaten. Enthält verschluckbare Kleinteile. Erstickungsgefahr!
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