Upper Deck - Firefly Dice Game (EN)

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Das Upper Deck Würfelspiel "Firefly" in englischer Sprache beinhaltet:
  • 1x Regelheft
  • 15x Würfel
  • 2x Spielunterlage
  • 100 Karten
  • Victory Point Tokens
  • Bystander Tokens
  • Player Screens

Achtung: alle Texte und Anleitungen in Englisch

"This is a press your luck-style game. Firefly is all about getting a mission, trying to complete it, trying to make money, trying not to get caught, make sure nothing goes wrong, and inevitably things always seem to go wrong...There will be a card element to that as well." -Jason Brenner

Here’s how it's played… Firefly™: Shiny Dice is played over a course of 3 rounds. In each round, each player will take a turn. Depending on the outcome of that turn, a player may take additional turns, in a row, pressing their luck, over the course of one round. Remember, this is a press your luck dice game, and while at first, it may seem easy to defeat your Foes, over time, your Crew will tire, and they will need to recoup! Danger lurks around every corner, but with smart teamwork, you can become the “Best in the ‘Verse”!
Altersempfehlung: 12+
Achtung: Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 36 Monaten. Enthält verschluckbare Kleinteile. Erstickungsgefahr!
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