Yu-Gi-Oh! Marik Atem 24cm Statue 1/7 scale

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Hochwertige Kotobukiya Statue von Marik Atem zum erfolgreichen Tradingcardgame und der Manga-Serie Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Größe: ca. 24cm im Maßstab 1:7
  • Verpackung: Windowbox
  • Tauscharm: mit und ohne Kartenhalter
  • Unbewegliche Statue mit Standbase

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!
Kotobukya continues their line of popular ARTFX J statues with a return to the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! for their next entry: Atem!

Includes alternate arm parts for display with or without the card holder

Atem is ready for action, left arm cocked in front and right arm flung out behind

Display alone or with other Kotobukiya Yu-Gi-Oh! Statues like the popular Black Magician Girl and/or Dark Magician or many other Kotobukiya's Yu-gi-Oh! Statues!

Character Information

Atem is an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who had sealed his own spirit/soul within the mystical Millennium Pendant. His spirit then took on the identity of Yami Yugi, which resided in the body of Yugi Muto, after Yugi solved the Millennium Puzzle. It was stated once that Yugi is the modern day version of Atem.. He is the centerpiece of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, and is the driving force behind most of the events that transpired during the series, with the exceptions of the Domino City Battles, Virtual World and the Grand Championship arcs

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